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Celebrate your special event in beautiful atmosphere of Royal Plate. Exquisite & creative cousine, friendly atmosphere and highly professional staff will make your special day beautiful & enjoyable. You can select from couple of pre-made menus for every occasion that should please many different palates or work with us to create your own menu.


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Food is the heart of every event. We’ll make your day special by selecting only the best ingredients and turning them into magical dishes. Our service includes complete food preparation, beverages. and full china service. You can choose from already prepared sample menus or join us in creating your own that will please your taste for sure.

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Mia & David's wedding

Mia & David

Mia & David’s Celebration

Services provided

One of the most exciting events we catered was Mia & David’s wedding that occur in summer 2016. We have provided full package service, including floral, lightning, food, bar and staff. Mia & David decided to have their celebration on the open, on Royal Plate terrace with amazing view on Costa bay. Mia & David enjoyed in our “Royal Plate buffet menu”. You can see the gallery bellow.

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